We soothe away tension and promote relaxation, assist in pain management and promote overall health maintenance. We offer a variety of techniques including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and stretching. Every massage is customized to suit your specific needs. We focus on the body’s layers of muscle and connective tissue to accomplish the maximum benefits of massage. Our menu of services is simple to understand. You don’t have to pick the type of massage you want when you schedule. Just simply choose the amount of time you prefer. We will talk with you about your specific needs when you arrive or you can add a note for us when you schedule your massage.


60 minutes$100
90 minutes$140


For a shared experience, enjoy your massage side-by-side with someone special. Two massage therapists will perform fully customized massages, based on each individual’s needs.  PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE A COUPLES MASSAGE.

60 minutes$210
90 minutes $270


Sports Massage focuses on improving performance and everyday function.  A combination of massage and stretching is used to relieve tension and improve flexibility/range of motion.  This is great for injury prevention, eliminating/reducing chronic pain, and recovery from fatigue/over training.

60 minutes$100
90 minutes $140


This style of massage incorporates compression, stretching, mobilization, and pressure point techniques. Thai massage is beneficial for relieving tension from the muscles, improving circulation, and balancing the body. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement as Thai massage is done while the client is fully clothed.

60 minutes$110
90 minutes $150


A Cupping Therapy session uses a combination of massage and cupping to help flush excess fluids and toxins, lift connective tissue and increase blood flow to the skin and muscles to increase circulation. It can increase flexibility and range of motion, relieve pain and help with deeper muscular issues.

60 minutes$110


A soothing massage performed by a specially trained therapist using carefully selected techniques that are safe and effective to help alleviate common discomforts during pregnancy.  The mom-to-be is comfortably positioned in a side-lying position using bolstering and pillows for maximum comfort and relaxation.  Prenatal massage is available for expectant moms in their second and third trimesters only.  WE REQUIRE A WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE RECEIVING THIS MASSAGE.

60 minutes$100
90 minutes $140


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique using light, slow, rhythmic touch to encourage the movement of lymph fluid, which carries waste products away from the tissues. Several benefits may include reduced swelling, relief from muscle fatigue, pain from migraines, headaches, bruises, sinus pressure and much more. This treatment may also benefit athletes and clients who are post-surgery. We require written approval from your doctor if you have been treated for cancer or post-surgery.

Focus Work

(upper body – head, neck, face, arms, and back or abdomen OR lower body – abdomen or back and legs, feet) 60 minutes

Full Body 90 minutes$130
Full Body 120 minutes$170


For added benefits and to enhance your overall experience, choose one of our added services when you schedule.


Therapeutic blends of pure essential oils are incorporated in the massage session to provide wellness benefits for both your mind and body. Choose from our special selection blends including Balance, Calm, Energize and Breathe.


Smooth heated volcanic stones are integrated into your massage. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and warms tight muscles which allows for a deeper massage.


Tension, stress, and fatigue will melt away with a stimulating exfoliation foot scrub, followed by hot towels, refreshing peppermint oil and a wonderful foot massage. This restorative treatment will detoxify, soften and refresh your feet.


Experience our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna to warm you up, relax tense muscles and provide a  safe way to detoxify the body.

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